Our goal is to promote careers awareness and broaden the horizons of Cambridge students.

Through careers events and networking socials, we intend to provide students with a platform to explore different careers.

We believe that amongst the Cambridge student body, there is an acute lack of careers awareness. The Careers Service and its student-led counterparts have all too often expected students to come to them. As the new leadership of the university’s oldest student-run careers society, we believe this passive approach needs rethinking. And we are taking matters into our own hands, by injecting dynamism into a longstanding university institution through an exciting rebranding.

The Cambridge Guild intends to provide our members with an all-encompassing platform where they can explore their potential career paths through a plethora of tailored events such as interactive workshops, skill seminars and networking socials. Celebrating our 40th anniversary this year, we have a number of accolades under our belt. We are the founder of the nationwide Bright Futures network, which now has presence in over 50 different UK universities. We’ve grown to become one of Cambridge’s largest societies with over 1000 members and employers have flocked to us; we’ve hosted the likes of Google, IBM and Teach First in the past.

In the meanwhile, our new partner, the Oxford Guild is also making waves. As the UK’s largest student careers society, they are nationally and internationally renowned for their successes. They have made national headlines with their exclusive speaker events featuring Kanye West and Stormzy. They continue to innovate with their own highly successful business incubator, the Oxford Accelerator. Finally, like us, they are an age-old institution: with over 100 years of experience, their membership count reaches into the several thousands and have attracted sponsorship from over 60 different companies.

Our ultimate vision is to provide career-minded students with a platform to seamlessly connect with employers, alumni and other like-minded students; we continue to strive to make this reality and the possibilities are endless! We have a lot in store so make sure you keep an eye out for our events by signing up to our mailing list!

We know what works

Together with our sister society in Oxford, we have over 150 years of experience in uniting employers and students, during which we’ve hosted events for the leaders in every industry and the biggest names in the world. Google, Goldman Sachs, Kanye West; we’ve hosted them all.

We have the credentials

We are the oldest student-run careers society in Cambridge and we are the founding member of the nationwide Bright Futures network which is now present in over 50 different UK universities.

We are run by students for students

We are much more than just another off-the-shelf careers society; we intend to offer our members exquisite socials, high-profile speaker events and careers workshops with the world’s top companies.

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